PACTRA Corporation is a specialized manufacturer of custom magnetic products including power transformers and lamination/steel transformers
switching mode transformers, inductors, rectifiers, coils for industrial and power applications.
PACTRA also offers thermal protectors and thermal cutoffs/fuse to protect transformers and motors from overheat during various power applications.
Our affiliated company, SEKI America( is the manufacturer of thermal protectors with advanced technologies.
Also, Ohyoug America( offers film capacitors, snubber capacitors, motor capacitors and safety recognied (X2, Y2/X1) capacitors.
PACTRA represents and distributes motor manufacturers which is the most essential component in power products/systems.
There are two groups of motor products; induction motors for various industrial applications and pancake motors for home appliances.
PACTRA’s dedicated domestic services in technical supports and logistics will provide our
customers' easy access to reach globally competitive power related products and electronic components.
PACTRA is committed to a successful relationship with our customers through
excellent service and support in a rapidly evolving global business environment.